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ALG Customs Consultancy reserves the right to change, delete, or temporarily or permanently stop the publication of the information and documents on the aforementioned website without prior notice.
The content of ALG Customs Consultancy Limited Company's website www.alggumruk.com.tr; Existing and Abrogated Customs Law and Regulation, Smuggling Law, Foreign Trade Legislation, Liquidation Legislation, Cabinet Decisions, Communiques, Circulars and Savings Articles and other laws, regulations, statutes, decrees having the force of law, cabinet decisions to which the legislation refers Legislation Announcements and E-Bulletin Pages consisting of regulations, communiqués and circulars are included in Article 31 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846, published in the Official Gazette dated 13/12/1951 and numbered 7981. It is free to reproduce, disseminate, process or make use of officially published or announced laws, statutes, regulations, communiqués, circulars and accident-i decisions. These are for informational purposes only, and the essential legislative texts are published in the Official Gazette. For this reason, the content of the legislation announcements, e-bulletin pages, news content and/or other internet sites accessed through the links on this site, e-bulletin pages of legislation announcements, news on www.alggumruk.com.tr is not up to date. ALG Customs does not have any legal responsibility due to the content of the information being inaccurate, incomplete or inaccurate. All kinds of information, statistical figures and values ​​on the www.alggumruk.com.tr website have been compiled from sources whose reliability is accepted within the framework of general practices, and their accuracy and adequacy are not guaranteed by ALG Customs Consultancy in any way.
www.alggumruk.com.tr web sitesinde yer verilen bilgi haber ve yorumlar genel bilgiler içermektedir.Bunların kullanımı sonucunda doğabilecek doğrudan/dolaylı maddi/manevi menfi/müsbet olası zarar ve masraflardan dolayı ALG Gümrük Müşavirliği'nin hiç bir şahsi, hukuki ve cezai sorumluluğu mevcut değildir.ALG Gümrük Müşavirliği'ne işbu bilgi haber ve yorumların içeriğinden kaynaklanan veya içeriğine ilişkin olarak ortaya çıkan sonuçlardan dolayı herhangi bir sorumluluk iddiasında bulunulamaz.
It is assumed and accepted by you that you have read the above warnings and statements before entering the www.alggumruk.com.tr website. Alggumruk.com.tr website, the creators of all kinds of content on this site, its employees, persons and organizations authorized by ALG Customs Consultancy do not have any legal or criminal responsibility. In case of any dispute, claim or demand in this matter, these phrases written on this web page and all other computer records belonging to ALG Customs Consultancy are the sole and real exclusive evidence, in accordance with Article 287 of the HUMK. The declaration by the ALG Customs Consultancy, whose offices will be submitted to its authority, and the person(s) who enter this ALG Customs Consultancy Web Site, are accepted and committed by the organization(s).
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